Product Features

FDA EUA Approved.

The X-VENT has received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as of June 2020. This process is key as it ensures the product has been closely vetted for biocompatibility, engineering design requirements, redundancy, resiliency, usability, and most importantly, safety. The FDA EUA approval process for the X-VENT was a rigorous process that effectively demonstrated the X-VENT's readiness for use in the field.

You can view the X-VENT's authorization status here.

Critical Modes of Ventilation.

The X-VENT has three modes of ventilation: pressure control, volume control, and assist control. In assist control mode, the X-VENT allows the patient to generate their own spontaneous breath within the limits set by the clinician. The X-VENT can also detect if the breath attempt was real or not and continue to operate accordingly. The X-VENT does not run off a single source gas but instead uses filtered ambient air that is delivered via the piston. If necessary, the clinician can connect low flow medical grade oxygen for delivery to the patient.

American Technology.

The X-VENT was designed in collaboration with our team of medical professionals, Enexor product development engineers, Schneider Electric and Casco Systems. The X-VENT is proudly fabricated, assembled and tested in our manufacturing facilities in Tennessee and Alabama. Whenever possible, components are sourced and manufactured by U.S. companies.


Made with high-precision CNC machined components and powered with industrial grade electrical and control components, the X-VENT is designed to be accurate, dependable, and rugged. The piston technology is designed for over 100 Million breath cycles and can deliver repeatable performance within less than 1mL of tidal volume.

Low Life Cycle Cost of Operation.

The X-VENT is priced significantly less than other ventilators while providing the mechanical ventilation modes required for COVID patients. The piston technology self-calibrates at start-up minimizing calibration and maintenance costs.

Remote Monitoring.

We provide a remote monitoring feature to minimize virus exposure to respiratory therapists and other medical specialists. The X-VENT can be remotely observed and controlled by a Microsoft Surface tablet, using our remote monitoring software. The tablet is hardwired to the X-VENT using a standard network cable, to avoid any electrical interference.

Easy to Use.

The X-VENT is controlled by an intuitive touch screen display with simple commands for easy operation.

Uninterrupted Power.

The X-VENT requires standard A/C power (100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5 Amps) using a grounded plug or it can run off of 24 Volt battery power. The X-VENT comes with 2 x 12 VDC, 5 aH, rechargeable and hot swappable batteries that provide up to 90+ minutes of backup power. The X-VENT is also equipped with 2 breakers and an uninterrupted power supply for seamless transition from AC to back up power.


The X-VENT can be economically stored and maintained under one of our storage plans. Whether the ventilator has been out of use for 5 minutes or 5 years, the piston self-calibrates every time the ventilator is turned on. The user can be confident that the X-VENT will deliver the set volume, pressure, and rate every time, even if the X-VENT has been in storage for long periods of time.

Operates on Room Air.

The X-VENT is not one-source gas operated. On its own, the ventilator pushes HEPA filtered ambient air from the piston to the patient. If the patient requires oxygen, the user can connect oxygen from a tank, oxygen concentrator, or wall source and enter the intended oxygen concentration when needed.


Our respiratory medical advisory team has designed a comprehensive training program to ensure safe operation with minimal training time. Our training program includes operating manuals, a video series, and a live remote video training session with a qualified respiratory therapist. We provide our customers with call in support to address immediate questions. We are here to help.

X-VENT™ Product Models & Add-Ons



Dimensions W x H x D: 350 x 381 x 559 mm (14 x 15 x 22 inch)
Weight: 22.7 kg (60lb)
Volume-controlled ventilation modes: VC-CMV, VC-AC
Pressure-controlled ventilation modes: PC-CMV, PC-AC
Patient type: Adults >35 kg
Respiratory rate: 8/min to 40/min
Inspiration time: 0.3 to 2 sec
Tidal volume: 0.2 to 1.0 liter
Inspiratory pressure: 5-40 mbar (or cmH2O)
02 therapy: Low Flow O2, 0-15 lpm

X-VENT™ Stand

Manufacturer: Enexor Health Systems
Platform Dimension: 16” x 15” (381 mm x 406.4mm)
Height: 32” (812.8mm)
Weight: 35 pounds (15.88kg)
Locking Casters: 5” medical grade
Tank Brackets: Sized D and E oxygen tanks
Basket: 12 gage powder coated
Finish: Medical grade powder coat
Rails: 3 mounting rails
Compatibility: X-VENT Ventilator

X-VENT™ Remote Tablet

Compatibility: iOS & Android
Application: Vijeo Design'Air
Developer: Schneider Electric
Connection: Ethernet Cable + USB C Ethernet Adapter

About our FDA EUA approval.

Our team has worked hard to meet the rigorous standards set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its Emergency Use Authorization passed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The documentation, testing, and design feedback required during this process was developed to ensure the X-VENT was safe and reliable per FDA EUA standards. Enexor Health Systems will soon enter into the process for obtaining full FDA approval for the X-VENT.